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Why you should become a PMNZ Franchisee

The property management industry in New Zealand is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth and this seems set to continue for some time. The media are constantly reporting an extreme shortage of homes to rent in most of the main centres.  Historical data has previously shown that only around 25% of New Zealand’s rental properties are professionally managed compared to around 80% in Australia.

Why the big difference?

One of the main reasons has been the lack of rules and or legislation in New Zealand that directly or indirectly affects owners of investment properties. This situation has fostered a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude and an “I can collect the rent myself” mentality.  Australia on the other hand, have had strong legislation covering this area for many years’. This has resulted in astute investors electing to secure their personal position by employing the services of a professional property manager.

So what has changed in New Zealand?

The big change is the roll out of new rules and legislation that both directly and indirectly affect all New Zealand investors by placing serious legal ramifications upon them for any breach.

  1. Health and Safety Work Act 2015.
  2. The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill – Smoke alarms and insulation requirements.

No doubt there will be more changes on the way and this situation just like in Australia, is awakening New Zealand’s property investors to the added value of employing the services of a professional property manager. A completely tax deductible service providing compliance procedures and therefore stress free, peace of mind investing.

Secure your future today!

Further to all of the above, New Zealand is currently experiencing unprecedented population growth and the biggest building boom possibly in our history. This to catch up on a massive housing shortage particularly in Auckland but also in many other cities and towns around the country.

PMNZ Checklist for Franchisees

  1. A premium National brand led by Award winning operators with a 100% customer focus.
  2. An industry that is stable and showing strong growth.
  3. Excellent cash flow potential.
  4. Potential for personal scalable growth within your own franchise to provide a balanced work/play lifestyle.
  5. Use of innovative up to date technology.
  6. Strong focus on systems and procedures.
  7. Outstanding potential for asset growth and resale of your business.
  8. PMNZ demands no less than Premium membership of LPMNZ for all franchisees. A 100% commitment to facilitate quality service.

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