Rent Arrears

Policy and Procedure

The Residential Tenancies Act  requires your rent to be paid by the date noted on the schedule in your tenancy agreement and it must always be paid in advance.

If for any reason you feel you are about to have difficulties in paying your rent please notify us as soon as possible. We will work with you, however, PMNZ have a strict policy on the payment and collection of rent and you will receive a number and variety of reminders which you should not ignore. The reminder notices and frequency are as follows:

Time in arrears. Actions to be completed if rent remains unpaid.
Day 1 Phone call from Property Manager
Day 2 Follow up text message and/or email to confirm resolve offered and agreed on day 1
Day 3 14 day breach notice to confirm situation
Day 6 Follow up phone call, text or email
Day 7 Tribunal application to be lodged
Day 10 Formal 48Hr Inspection Notice  
Day 14 A formal inspection will be completed to check for abandonment. (Insurance requirement)

There is no deviation from this schedule and it is the strict policy of PMNZ that all employees adhere to it.

(Please note the same policy and procedure will apply where water rates are due and payable.)